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Pokemon Gold/Silver Walkthrough

New Barn Town 
Leave your house, heading left, to Prof. Elm's lab to pick one of 
three Pokemon. 
 Fire is your best bet for your first gym battle against 
the bird trainers, but you may choose whomever you want.


Who should you choose?

Like Bulbasaur before it, Chikorita is a Grass-type that is strong against Rock, Ground, and Water-types, and is weak against Fire, Bug, Poison, and Flying types. Chikorita learns the powerful Razor Leaf attack at level 8, making it a very strong Pokémon in the early game. But Chikorita doesn't learn any other powerful moves until very high levels, and being Grass-type, it will have big trouble with the first two gyms.

 Totodile is a Water-type like Squirtle, and it is strong against Fire, Ground, and Rock-types. It is weak when it faces Grass or Electric-type Pokémon and sometimes other Water-types. Totodile learns a variety of strong attacks, but only a few Water ones. That's just as well, since its Attack is higher than its Special Attack. Totodile is probably the strongest starter, but Water-type Pokémon are much more common than Grass or Fire Pokémon.


 Charmander's successor is also a Fire-type, and it is strong when fighting against Ice, Grass, or Bug-types and is weak when fighting against Water, Rock, or Ground types. While Chikorita excels in Defense, Cyndaquil is the quickest and has the best Special Attack score. It's Fire moves are a little weak in the early game, though, so it's hard to take advantage of its strengths at the beginning of the game.


After choosing your Pokemon carefully, you must walk left, and leave town. 

Route 29

Here you will fight all different varieties of Pokemon, depending what time of day it is, or what day it is, or what version you are playing. 

Cherrygrove City

You can let the old man show you around town, but that won't help you much. You are to go north, until you reach a house. Inside, Mr. Pokemon will give you your Pokedex, which is a big improvement over the one in previous versions. you Pokemon will be healed, and you have to go outside.

Once outside, you will recieve a phone call from Prof. Elm informing you that one of his Pokemon have been stolen.

Right as you arrive at the begining of the first town, your rival will appear, and he will challenge you to a Pokemon match.

After defeating him and returning to Prof. Elm lab, you will be given 5 Monster Balls from Prof. Elm's aid. You might want to go to monster ball in your backpack, and write it down so you don't forget it.

Violet City
After doing this, go up to the northern part of the city. You can now go to the gym.

Gym leader: Hayato
For: Wind Badge
Pidgey- If you picked Cyndaquil, use him, but if you chose someone else, use a Rattatta or| if you picked Totodile, try using him.
Pidgeotto- Harder than Pidgey, but still a piece of cake. If your Rattatta is almost or fainted, use an O-tachi.

I advise you, be leveled up with at least 2 backup Pokemon in case your first one or two faints.

There, that was easy, you achieved your first badge, and by now, you should at least have your starting Pokemon evolved.

After exiting the gym, you receive a phone call from Prof. Elm. He tells you to pick up something important at the Pokemon center. When you get to the Pokemon center, you will see one of Prof. Elm's aids. He will give you a Pokemon egg. The egg will hatch at about 1,000 steps.

Now, go north, and you will come upon a Sprout Tower . Enter, and make your way to the top.For this you will need to fight many trainers. You will receive HM05, Flash.
 Sprout Tower Level 1

 Sprout Tower Level 2

 Sprout Tower Level 3

Now go north of the town. Go east, then south, you will see many cave entrances. In one of the caves, you have to solve a puzzle. The pattern of the puzzle is-

 Completing the puzzle will show you a Kabuto. You are dropped to the next floor, and you will find yourself in another cave you could enter before.

 However, this time, the people are gone, and a Pokemon with many forms will appear. His name is Annon. He will make an excellent addition as a ghost Pokemon on your team. He will have many forms, but is still the same Pokemon reguardless and is still Pokemon #201.

After exiting the cave, go south, and then east. You will come up to another route changing house. 

Route 32
After exiting the house, go south, there, you will fight many Pokemon trainers. 

Take the fishing rod
Talk to the fisherman closest to the healing machine inside the Pokémon Center. He will offer you one of his fishing poles, the Old Rod. With the Old Rod, you can walk up to water and start fishing for Water-type Pokémon. 
Near the cave, a guy there will ask you for . Pay him, and go in the cave. There are some Pokmon trainers. You will fight Zubats, Geodudes, Onix, and Sandshrew here.

After exiting the cave, go west, and you will end up in the second town.

Azalea Town

Go talk to the guy in the northern part of the town, and he will remove the Team Rocket member that once blocked your path before. Go in, and defeat the few rocket trainers there to free the Slowpokes.

You can now go to the gym. Fight the gym trainers here, and then move onto the gym leader. She will use bug-type Pokemon.


Gym Leader:
For: Insect Badge
Metapod- An extremely easy Pokemon to beat. you may want to use one of your weaker Pokemon like Annon for Metapod to gain some expirence.
Kakuna- Once again, an extremely easy Pokemon. You should also work on one of your weaker Pokemon while fighting Kakuna.
Scyther- Now that you defeated the easy Pokemon, it is time to fight a harder one. Use| a fire type Pokemon if you have one.

You now have to go west, but make sure you have totally healed Pokemon, because you will fight your rival.

Now go north, and into a house that will lead you into the forest. 

Ilex Forest
You see that a boy has lost his Farfetch'd, after returning it to him, his father will come along and give you the HM01, Cut.

The charcoal maker will give you HM01 (Cut)
Cut the shrub, and continue going north. You will eventually reach a town 

Goldenrod City
It has a large shop, and it is the largest town in the game. This town is also a very important town. There is a lot to do here.
Get a free bike
Go inside the bike shop. When you wander into the Bike Shop, the owner will ask you to ride around on one of his bikes to show everyone how much fun it is. You can move much faster with the bike. You can register the bike by highlighting it in your Pack, the choose SEL from the menu. After that, just hit Select button when you want to ride.

Get the Squirtbottle

The woman in the small house in the Northeast corner of Goldenrod will give you information about the living tree(Sudowoodo) blocking the way to Route #36. In Gold and Silver, after you beat Whitney, the Goldenrod City Gym Leader, go back to the house and she will give you a free Squirtbottle to use to bother the tree.

The gym here will use normal type Pokemon. Watch out, her Mirutanku is extremely powerful.


Gym Leader: Akane
For: Normal Badge
| Clefairy- Looks can be decieving, and you'd better pray that Clefairy doesn't use Metronome on you. Have a quick and Powerful Pokemon like Rattatta or Raticate.
Mirutanku- Mirutanku has a strange attack that|| makes your Pokemon get woozy. Your Pokemon | not attack the Mirutanku for a few turns, but while waiting to attack, Mirutanku will attack you with a powerful pound-like attack. Once again, have a powerful and quick Pokemon

When you are done, talk to the gym leader to receive your badge and TM. Go north, and into the park to fight many trainers, believe me, you need the expirence. Get the squirebottle Now you can fight the tree Pokemon, Sudowoodo, that you could only move slightly before. Catch this Pokemon, for it is rare. Go northwest, to reach the next town. In this town, a man will trade you a Krabby for a Shelder.

A trainer around here, he will be slightly overweight, will give you TM08, which will let you break the cracked rocks that lurk around the game. 

Ecruteak City

Since we're talking about items, why not reveal the location of the Item Finder? Go to the house that is left of the Pokemon Center, and answer yes to the question he asks you. He will then award you with the Item Finder.When you use it (it's a good idea to assign it to Select button, you'll be able to hear from the beeps if there are any hidden items nearby.

The gym here in this town will specialize in ghost Pokemon. Your Pokemon should be at around level 30-35. You will have to follow a trail to get to the gym leader. Once you get to the Gym leader, and believe me, she's no joke:


Gym Leader:
For: Phantom Badge
Gastly- Her easiest Pokemon she will use, but still isn't too easy. Try using a water or fire attack, but don't waste your time using a normal type- it won't work against ghost.
Haunter- Both Haunters and Gengar will use an extrelemy powerful attack that will hurt them about half way, but curses you and hurts you very much every time you attack.
Gengar- Gengar isn't easy at all- infact it is one of the toughest battles you will face in the entire game. Look out for that powerful attack that Haunter, it is exactly the same only coming from a much stronger Pokemon.
Haunter- Use the same strategy that you used against the previous Haunter.

Burned Tower
When you enter the Burned Tower, Ensuine will tell you that he has tracked a rare Pokémon, Suicune, to the Tower. Smash the rock in the northeast corner to get an HP Up. Make your way into the center, where your Rival bitterly complains about not seeing Suicune, then attacks you with four Pokémon. When you've defeated him, a hole will open under your feet and you'll fall to the lower level. Three Pokémon will awaken and fly away. Eusine informs you that these were the Legendary Pokémon; you'll encounter them again.
A farm which has Mirutaknus, I'm guessing it would be called Mirutanku farm will have a sick Mirutanku. The plant which gives you items next to the town will give you a fruit(berry) that will heal the Mirutanku after about after 7 or so. The mother inside the house will award you with a TM, and the dad in the house gives you milk, which heals Pokemon HP.

Olivine City

 When you get to the  town, you'll find the gym here to be completely empty, except for the person who alwasy stands next to the statue at the entrance.

Items to collect-
  • HM 04 - Strength (House left of Pokémon Center)
  • Good Rod (House left of Mart)

You might want to heal your Pokemon at the Pokemon center now, and take out a Pokemon you would like to learn strength. Now, go to the house in the most southwestern part of the town. A person inside will give you the Strength HM, HM04.

Now you have to equip strength and surf on your Pokemon.

Light House
Go to the Light house. Here you will need to fight many trainer At Floor 6 you will find that Jasmine, the Olivine City Gym Leader is attending to the sick ampharos that provides the light for the lighthouse, and cannot leave her post. She puts you in charge with finding some medicine (which can be found in Cianwood City) for the sick Pokémon, and bringing it to her. 
Keep surfing south, fighting the trainers here, gaining experience Eventually, you will come to a small town.

Cianwood City
In the southern part of the town, you will see the gym. You fight two trainers in the gym, and then come up to a boulder maze. Move the left and right boulder up, and then push the middle boulder to the left. You will fight one more trainer, and then you will come up to the gym leader.

Gym Leader:
For: Shock Badge
Primeape- A bird Pokemon would be a good bet, but my Raticate had no problem and Primeape is strong against it.
Poliwrath- Fly may be a good use for Poliwrath because it is not very fast, a Yorunozuku can easily knock out this Pokemon


Items to collect-

Get the Secret Potion(compulsory)

The man in the pharmacy at the bottom of Cianwood City will give you a SecretPotion once you talk to him, which you need to bring to Jasmine in the lighthouse in Olivine City. It'll cost you nothing, and you won't be able to battle Jasmine until you get this and bring it to her, so this should be your first stop in Cianwood.

Get a Shuckle

In the house directly north of the pharmacy lives a boy who had a Shuckle stolen from him, and he wants to give his other Shuckle to you for safekeeping! The only other way to find Shuckle is to use Rock Smash in the field, and hope to find one, but this way is much easier, so accept the boy's offer and care for that Shuckle!

Fly (compulsory)

This woman is the woman your gratitude to - she is Chuck's, the Cianwood Gym Leader's wife, and she thinks her husband is spending too much time at the gym. Once you beat Chuck, talk to her and she gives you the item you will almost certainly enjoy more than any other (with the possible exception of Surf): HM02, Fly. HM02 allows you to visit any city you've previously been to, including Olivine, which saves you the entire trip back.

Rock Smash

If you have a Pokémon that can use Rock Smash, head to the north end of Cianwood and use Rock Smash on the breakable rocks. Under many of the rocks you'll find Krabby's, but the rock in front of the house contains a Revive, and one rock farther down hides a max ether.

 Back to Olivine City

Go to the light house, and give the medicine to the gym leader at the top. She will give the medicine(secret potion) to her sick Pokemon and then return to her gym. She introduces a new type of Pokemon here called the steel type.


| Gym Leader: Jasmine
| For: Steel Badge
| | Magnemite- Looks easy, but it's sonic boom
| attack is very powerful, even against Pokemon that are strong against it. Use a Geodude or | Graveler to prevent serious damage.
| | Magnemite- Use the same strategy as you did | with the last Magnemite.
| | Haganail- Another stong Pokemon that likes to | use Powerful attacks. Make sure you have a | rock, ground or fast Pokemon if you want to | win the match.


Mahogany Town

 Go to The Lake of Rage, You can see something in the lake. It is gyrados (a pokemon). When you fight it, it turns out to be a Gyrados! Try to catch it. After getting out of the water, you will notice Lance standing by a sign post. Talk to Lance . Then follow him to the house with the sign post next to him. It's actually a shop but you won't really be able to buy anything until you defeat Team Rocket.
Go into the shop and Lance will be waiting  for you there, then he will open stairs that lead to Team Rocket's underground hideout. There you two will split up and try to stop what ever is making the radio noise causing the Gyarados frenzy.

First Floor

 You will meet up with Lance again, and he will heal your Pokemon. He will then go off again, and you have to keep fighting many Rocket trainers. There are many items here, and make sure you have room for all of them. Also, talk to each and every Team Rocket trainer you beat, and you will get the keycard to the second level door.

 Second Floor
Once on the second level, open the door, and fight the trainer. He will give you the first level keycard. Go to the first level. Lance and you fight each fight two Rocket trainers. A girl and a boy. Lance takes on the boy with his Dragonite, and You fight the girl, who may look familiar to you.

After defeating the Rocket Trainers, you and Lance need to shut down the power supply to the generator. You can do this by defeating the Electrodes.

Finally, now that you've destroyed the generator, Lance will award your hard work with an, HM06, the whirlpool remover HM.

Level 3

On this floor you will finally make it to the boss's office. You will need the two passwords to get in, but don't think you can get by without having fought the Rocket members just because you've read what they are. There's no annoying letter entering here, your character will have to know the passwords to open the door. Once you defeated the boss talk to his bird, it will tell you another password.

You can now enter the Ice gym, or gym No. 7. Getting to her will be tough, so I made an ice maze strategy. When you first enter the gym, move to the very left if the left statue. Go up, up, right, down, left, up and finally right. You will be standing in front of the gym leader. Good luck!


Gym Leader:Pryce
For: Ice Badge

Seel- An electric attack will put seel out for the match. Not very strong. Dewgong- Just slightly better than Seel. It might even get an attack on you. (oh no!)
Inomu- A powerful, but slow Pokemon, Inomu rely on ice moves to win the match. Use an electric Pokemon like Raichu.


Back to the Goldenrod city

You will get a phone call informing you that Golden rod city has been overrun by Team Rocket! Fly to the city, and you will see that Team Rocket has pretty much overrun the whole city. Go back to  Radio Tower. This is where all of the Team Rocket trouble is going on. Go on up the tower, defeating trainers, and defeat the final guy at the top of the tower.

Now you have to go to an underground tunnel outside. When you are in the tunnel, go right, to the door that was once locked. You recieved the key when you defeated the final person top the tower. Be ready for a fight with your rival. He will have the final evolution of his starting Pokemon. Defeat the Rocket trainers, and first push switch 3 then 2 then 1. Fight the woman, and then take the elevator up. You should now be able to open the once locked door back in the Team Rocket tower.

Go to the third floor, and defeat the last of the Rockets, and return to the seventh town. Go right and fight the trainers.

Ice Path

 Ice Path
Head east from Mahogany Town to the Ice Path. Now enter the cave. The first Ice maze is the most diffucult, but, Follow the arrow in the pictures below to complete ice path

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3
Level 4

Blackthorn CityWhen you get out, you will be at the Blackthorn City. There is a very useful person here who can remove your Pokemon's  HM moves that are unwanted, but most importantly, you can now go to the eighth gym. This gym is a dragon gym.

Again, you will need strength to move boulders to the lower level to reach the gym leader.

Gym Leader: Ibuki
For: Raging Badge
Dragonair- A pretty intiminating Pokemon, that turns out to not be too much of a challenge at| all. If you move ahead first, and catch Inomu from the Ice Cave, you can use ice moves to defeat it.
Dragonair- Use the same strategy as you used on the last Dragonair
Kingudora- Seadra finally gets used by a dragon trainer- well at least it's evolved form. Again, use ice attacks, but electric will work too, since this is also a water Pokemon.
Dragonite- Her final, and most tough Pokemon, Dragonite strangely knows Hyper Beam and Dragon Rage. Thunder won't work this time, so once again, you must rely on Ice Pokemon to defeat Dragonite.


After defeating her, she tells you she has no badge for you. You can still get the badge, though, by taking a Pokemon that has surf and one that can remove whirlpools, and surfing behind the gym. When you are about to pick up one of the Pokeballs, she will show up, awarding you with your eighth badge! You can also now use the HM07 you got in the ice cavern.

Back to Tin tower in Ecruteak City - Get Hu-Oh(One of the three legendary Pokemon)

We now move on to the hunt for Houou! Fly back to Ecruteak City. Go to the northern part of the town. You can enter Tin Tower here and go upstairs. You will have to solve a puzzle to get to the top. However, the puzzle is worth it, when you get to the top, you will see Houou(legendary pokemon) flying there. Save before you fight Houou, for you will only get one chance to catch it. After you catch it, you can fly from the roof instead of going back down the maze. Fly back to your hometown.

Once home, go to Prof. Elm's lab and heal your Pokemon. Now go outside and surf eastward. you will come to a new land. This is Kanto

You will eventually come up to a coastal area with a cave. Enter the cave. I suggest you catch a Goldeen and teach it HM07, so you can go up the waterfalls. The cave is simple, and when you get out, you may want to look at the map. Keep moving northward, until you come up upon a house. A girl inside will heal all of your Pokemon. Keep going north, fighting trainers. You will find yourself in a much simpler, trainer-free Victory Road. Here you can catch for the very first time, the best Pokemon, Donphan. Be prepared, for this is the final time you will ever face your rival. You fight him because he wants to see if you are really ready for the Orange league.

The Orange League Trainers will use:
------------------------------------------------- | Trainer 1: Itkusi
| | Neiteio- A penguin Pokemon. It will use ice | and psychic attacks- a powerful combination. Houou's gust attack is enough to put the | penguin to rest
| | Slowbro- A water and Psychic Pokemon. Slowbro | may be very slow, but he is very powerful. Try | using an electric type Pokemon against it. | Neiteio- Use the same strategy that you used | against the last Neiteio.
| Jynx- Like Neiteio, Jynx is another psychic | and ice Pokemon. It's defense is extremely low | so any Pokemon should be able to put Jynx out.
| Exeggutor- A grass and Psychic type Pokemon. One Fire Blast from Houou should do the trick | on this one.

| Trainer 2: Koga
| | Araidosu- A bug Pokemon. Hopefully, your Houou is still consious, because any flying or fire | attacks will put this bug out.
| Venomoth- Another bug Pokemon that will be a | pain if your Houou has fainted. It will use | powerful psychic attacks, and almost every | Pokemon are very vunerable to.
| | Muk- A poision Pokemon that Houou will not be strong against. Use a water type or a normal | type. (Raticate will do)
| | Kuroba- Being the evolved form of Golbat, it | has strong flying and annoying poision attacks.
| | Fuoretosu- Is this the evolved form of | Cloyster? Maybe, but it's a water type, and it | has very high defense, and Houou may not be | able to do it. Use your starting Pokemon if | you didn't pick the Fire type.

Trainer 3: Bruno
| | Kaporea- For some odd reason, this Pokemon | likes to stand on his head. A bird type, Houou | or Lugia will do.
l | Hitmonchan- The punching fiend. It will use | various elemental punches, so there really | a Pokemon that it isn't super effective | against. Use a bird type again.
| | Hitmonlee- The kicking fiend. It uses various kicking attacks. Go ahead, use another bird. | This might be a good Pokemon to get a | Togechikku expirence points with.
| | Machamp- A Pokemon with high attack Power, but low defense. A quick bird Pokemon should do the trick.
| | Onix
| --------------------------------------
| Trainer 4: Karin
| Burakki
| Vileplume
| Gengar
| Yamikarasu
| Heruga
| --------------------------------------
| Final Trainer: Lance
| Gyrados
| Dragonite
| Dragonite
| Dragonite
| Aerodactyl
| Charizard

After defeating the Orange League Trainers, you've beaten the first half of the game. Your mom and Prof. Elm, not Elm show up to congradulate you, and finally, an impatient Lance takes you into the next room to completely heal all of your Pokemon and enter them in the Hall of Fame. The credits will roll, while playing some snappy music, and finally the game will say the end. Don't turn your Gameboy off yet, the game isn't over.

There is no more fighting your rival at the end of the game....well at least yet. The game isn't over yet!

After the credits finish rolling, go into Prof. Elm's lab. He will give you a boat ticket! Take that ticket back to the town with the light house and where you got strength. Go south, until you reach a house that takes you down to a docking bay. Here you can get on the boat. Once on the boat, you will fight many trainers. Fight them all, it is fun. Afterwards, you will talk to a guy in a room that looks like he works on the ship. Talk to him, and he will leave the room. When you get off the boat, you will find yourself in Vermillion City!

Feel free to look around a little bit. You see the gym looks pretty much the same and the Pokemon club is also still there. However, this time, the city has a giant snorlax blocking the path to Diglett's Cave. First, heal your Pokemon. Now, go get the Ultra Rod from the fishing man. Now it is time to go and face Lt. Surge.

| Gym Leader: Lt. Surge
| For: Orange Badge
| Raichu
| Magneton
| Electabuzz
| Electrode
| Electrode

After easily defeating Lt. Surge, it is time to go to Saffron City. Once you get to Saffron City, you'll notice that Silph. Co. Has been blocked off by a guard who won't let you go upstairs. Anyway, we aren't worrying about Silph. Co. right now. We are worrying about your tenth badge right now. you have to fight Sabrina. After all these years, she is still working as a Pokemon Gym Leader. Her gym is exactly the same, and the trainers are still there. This time, it is harder to avoid gym trainers in her gym, because they are constantly looking in all different directions. They also have a longer sight range. You shold fight them anyway. Sabrina has a new look, but she doesn't look entirely different like some other trainers will further in the game.

| Gym Leader: Sabrina
| For: Gold Badge
| Mr.Mime
| Alakazam
| Eifi

She is even easier than Lt. Surge, but not the easiest trainer in the world.

Now you have to go to Cerulian City. When you get there, you will notice that the place looks pretty much the same. However, when you go into Misty's gym, you'll notice that the gym is empty. A Team Rocket trainer will bump into you and leave. After you leave the gym, go north. You will be going in the direction where Bill's lighthouse used to be. You will fight the Rocket Trainer you met in the gym and he will confess to you after you beat him that he hid something in the Cerulian City gym.

Take the piece that you got from the gym and go to what used to be the power plant in older Pokemon games. The person here will thank you and give you a TM, and you are now eligible for a radio upgrade. Go back to Lavander town and go in the radio station. The man standing looking at the wall will give you a radio upgrade, which allows you to awaken the Snorlax.

It isn't over yet. Now you must go to Vermillion City, and enter the Pokemon Lovers Club. A man sitting at the table will give you his Clefairy doll that was sitting next to him. Remember copycat from Saffron City in Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green? She of course still loves dolls, and does a really creepy impression of you, but when you bring her the doll, she will give you an item that will allow you to travel between the two maps much easier.

Go back to the gym. In the little pool in the middle, you will find what the trainer was talking about, a missing part that belongs to the power station in the left upper corner. When you reach what used to be Bill's lighthouse, you will find Misty, and she will be smooching, as quoted from Pokemon Zero. She will then return to her gym, suprised from what just happened.

When you return to her gym, you will see that she is no piece of cake like the last two gyms were. I will post up what she uses when I get the information, because I forgot to record it down when I was fighting her. I am positive, though that she uses: Golduck and Starmie.

After you defeat Misty, you can now get your 12th badge from Erika. So go to Celadon City. You can play slots here, and the big Pokemart is also still here. If you go in the back of the house, you won't get an Eevee, and a floor has been cut off of the place. You can go around front of the same building and still look at the programmers things.

Now it is time to fight Erika.
------------------------- | Gym Leader: Erika
| For: Rainbow Badge
| Tangela
| Victreebell
| Vileplume
| ????

After defeating Erika, you now must take the Bicycle path down the trail. When you reach the bottom, you will go right and end up in Fushia City. The town is almost perfect...Until you find out that the Safari Zone has been removed! Go in the houses and talk to the people. Now you can get your 13th badge! The leader in this gym is obviously not Koga. She will use Poision and Bug types, just like Koga did.

| Gym Leader: Anzu
| For: ?
| Kurobatto
| Ariadosu
| Weezing
| Weezing
| Venomoth

After defeating her, It is time to awaken the Snorlax that blocks your path.

Using your upgraded radio, fly back to Vermillion City, and go to the Snorlax. Tune into the second to last station, and push A. The music will begin to play. When the music begins to play, return to the game and talk to the Snorlax. It will wake up, and like before, attack in a grumpy manner.

The Snorlax is a great Pokemon to catch. It heals itself after every move it does, and when it rests, it will do a very harmful attack. It also still has headbutt. It will also learn Hyper Beam at level 57! However, the fact that it slightly heals itself after every attack, even while sleeping, makes this Pokemon very diffucult to catch. I finally used my Master Ball equivelent. It was well used.

After the battle with Snorlax, go in the cave that was blocked by it. You are in Diglett's Cave. You may catch a Diglett if you want. Dugtrio's also randomly appear.

When you come out of the cave, you will find yourself just South of Pewter City. Brock is the gym leader here.

------------------------- | Gym Leader: Brock
| For: ?
| Graveler
| Onix
| Rhyhorn
| Omastar
| Kabutops
After defeating Brock, you'll need to go south. You can try to stop at the Viridian City gym, but no one is there...At least now. Instead, go south, until you reach Pallet Town. Go inside Prof. Elm's Lab and talk to him. He will tell you to go face the Seafoam Island Gym leader, because Cinnibar Island no longer has people living on it.

Surf to Cinnibar Island anyway, and talk to the mysterious person here. He will shoot up into the sky and leave. Could that have been Gary Elm?

Keep surfing to Seafoam Island, fighting trainers along the way, and eventually you'll get there. Inside the place, you'll meet up with Blane.

| Gym Leader: Blane
| For: ?
| Magakarugo
| Rapidash
| Magmar

After defeating Blane, you should return to Pallet Town and talk to Prof. Elm again. He will tell you to go to the Viridian City gym. Go North, heading for the gym, and fight any missed trainers. Finally, when you get to the gym, you will see that it is no longer empty. There is one person in here, and his name is.......Gary!

| Gym Leader: Gary
| For: ?
| Pidgeot
| Alakazam
| Exeguttor
| Rhydon
| Arcanine

Gary is not so easy. He may take numerous tries to beat. Use a good strategy, but remember, unless you know Japanese, there is no way of telling what Pokemon he will use next, for every trainer uses Pokemon in different orders.

After you beat Gary, you now have 16 badges! It isn't over yet. go back to Pallet Town and talk to Professor Elm. He will tell you that there is something related to Pokemon that is sure to suprise in the mountains.

Once again, go back to Viridian City, but head west, and go to where Pokemon League used to be. When you enter the building, keep going west, and go out the door. You will now be in the mountains that Prof. Elm was talking about. The Pokemon here are extremely strong. There is a Pokemon Center here also which also allows you to fly back here at any given time.

Eventually, you will come across a cave in which you need Flash to see. Collect the items here and make your way through the cave. The final room in the cave will hold none other than the famous Pokemon Trainer Ash Ketchum himself! Talk to him, he will not say anything. You will just begin battling him.

| Final Battle: Ash Ketchum
| For: Bragging Rights
| | Pikachu- Lv. 81- A rock type Pokemon such as | an expirenced Donphan should be able to take | out Pikachu easily.
| | Efi- Lv. 79- A psychic evolution of Eevee that | is one of the hardest Pokemon Ash will use. | have something good or it's Psychic moves can | easily take out any of your Pokemon quickly.
| | Blastiose- Lv. 77- I had the final showdown | between the Blastoise and my Odairu, used | Slash, and knocked out the Blastoise with only | a little bit of trouble.